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About Jayde

I am a mum of two children and a major food fanatic, so much so I have a blog right here all about the fabulous food I'm lucky enough to sample as a wedding photographer.

I have been on the news for my wedding photography after working with a wonderful couple who unfortunately hired a different photographer and didn't receive their wedding images. (Video below)

I have 4 dogs, three german shepherds and a newfoundland (were crazy I know).

I'm pretty good at holiday quizzes and terrible at dancing but I'll dance my heart out anyway.

I'm a big Jack Daniels fan and bar baby Guinness's it pretty much all I drink.  
I was engaged for 8 years but now lucky enough to hold the title Wife myself! Anyway enough about me, I want to know all about you! Please fill in the form below!

Contact Me

Rustic Sunflower Photography,
Anzio Crescent, LN1 3PX

Tel: 07377138338

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