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Jayde Hawcock

Hi I'm Jayde,

I am a professional photographer based in Lincolnshire but also travel, no destination is too far.

I specialise in all aspects including, maternity, birth, fresh 48, newborn, sitters, cake smashes, family and pet portraits, engagement sessions and of course weddings & boudoir.

  Being a mum of two amazing children myself and working a few hours a week at their school I realise all too much how important it is to capture as many moments as possible, they really do grow before our very eyes without us realising and sadly that's the main reason I took the job at the school, running my beloved business full-time I felt like I was missing out on them some days. So I took the plunge and got the job purely so I could see them a little more.

I am a major food fanatic, there is something about food and flavours that hits that dopamine spot. I'll be posting a blog on all the amazing foods I get to try, most will be from the weddings I attend so if food is a big priority for your wedding you'll definitely want to check that out! 

I get asked what my preferred drink is and I have to say whiskey is most definitely my jam, so big up my whiskey drinking girls.

I studied photography at school and the passion continued from then where its not just my job or a passion anymore, my husband actually jokes that its my full personality and if I was to ever go missing he would describe me as "5ft8, dark hair and doesn't shut up about her photography business". So I guess you can say it's an obsession.

I always pride myself on community over competition too, so if you're a photographer, anyone in the industry or a business owner yourself please reach out, I'm most certan we can become friends. 

I was diagnosed with adhd at the grand age of 29 and in all honesty I think that its helps me in many aspects of my job, not only do I think it helps me connect with children with learning difficulties, autism and adhd themselves but I also know how to sympathise and have patience with them which I am often told I have a lot of by parents.

I like to think I make a happy safe place in my studio, if children are happy enough to be their full selves then I know I'm doing what I'm doing right. Although my priority is to get you some beautiful photos if children or even adults feel pressured, rushed or pick up on anyone feeling agitated or stressed it will show in the images and I don't want that. So if they want to play catch with some teddies or run laps of the studio of twenty minuted please let them.

Same goes for animals too, were a pet friendly studio and I adore dog, I have three myself. Two blue german shepherds and a naught Newfoundland called Bruce, please make sure to let me know prior so I can book you in for a date that gives me time to deep clean and wash anything incase I have any clients with allergies. 
Anyway enough about me, I want to know all about you! Please fill in the form below and let's get you booked in to have some fun.

Contact Me

Rustic Sunflower Photography,
11 west parade, LN1 1NL

Tel: 07377138338

Thanks for submitting!

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